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Is WP Fastest Cache really the best free cache plugin for WordPress

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WP Fastest Cache is usually ranked as the best free cache plugin in Facebook polls.

After configuring the WP Fastest Cache settings, I was able to determine loading times of 1 seconds in Pingdom and a score of 92 in PageSpeed Insights. They’re easy to set up and offer options for Cloudflare and StackPaths CDN that can further improve grades / load times (I use both because more data centers = faster website). For hosting, I recommend SiteGround, which is used by Yoast and is number 1 in over 20 Facebook surveys. However, if you are looking for something faster than shared hosting, Cloudways DO is for you.

I’ll show you how to configure WP Fastest Cache, StackPath CDN, and upgrade to WP Fastest Cache Premium for me. I also have instructions for Cloudflare.

Simply contact us if you have any questions or need a help with. However, there are many complaints about WP Fastest Cache support just to give you a hint.

Breakdown Of WP Fastest Cache Settings:

  • Cache System – enable
  • Widget Cache System – caches your widgets (premium feature)
  • Preload – create cache of entire site automatically (shared hosting should use 4-6VPS is 10-12. Creates caching delay for first user who views the page. Learn more)
  • Logged-in Users – don’t show the cached version for logged-in users (if it’s just you running your website, leave this checked. But if multiple users can be logged in, each user should have their own cached version, so it would be unchecked)
  • Mobile – don’t show the cached version for desktop to mobile devices
  • Mobile Theme – caches mobile theme (premium feature)
  • New Post – clear cache files when a post or page is published
  • Update Post – clear cache files when a post or page is updated (Learn more)
  • Minify HTML – decrease size of page (high priority Pingdom item. Learn more)
  • Minify HTML Plus – more powerful minify html (premium feature)
  • Minify CSS – decrease size of css files (high priority Pingdom item. Learn more)
  • Minify CSS Plus – more powerful minify CSS (premium feature)
  • Combine CSS – reduce HTTP requests through combined css files (combines JavaScript and CSS files between <head></head>. This reduces the amount of JavaScript and CSS files on a page which reduces the number of HTTP requests required to render the page. Also a high priority item in Pingdom. Learn more)
  • Minify JS – decrease size of JS files (premium feature)
  • Combine JS – reduce HTTP requests by combining JS files
  • Combine JS Plus – minify combined JS files (premium feature)
  • Gzip – reduce size of files sent from your server (reduces transfer time between server and browser, and is a high priority Pingdom item. Learn more)
  • Browser Caching – reduce load time for repeat visitors (Learn more)
  • Render Blocking JS – remove render-blocking JavaScript (premium feature)
  • Google Fonts – loads Google Fonts asynchronously (premium feature) but this can also be done using the free WP Disable plugin which I highly recommend
  • Lazy Load – premium feature which you can use A3 Lazy Load for Learn more)