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Vision-Tek.Net provides its clients content management solutions which help them to manage unstructured, diverse and unorganized data distributed across locations by using defined processes for creating, managing, monitoring, distributing and archiving information.

Content Management System Development Service

A Content Management System (CMS) is an application designed to make it easier to add, delete and update the content as well as images and the website can be managed by even for a person who is non-technical. At Vision-tek , we offer CMS and EMS (Enterprise Management System) solutions to assist clients managing their content and fixing issues that are complicated.

Many of these issues include : Diverse Content, Reorganizing Business Process, Managing Multiple Websites, Adding and/or editing web pages and Banner Adv Management

Why Content Management Service at Vision-Tek
We offer you complete range of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and CMS services that can help reduce the cost of controlling the processes of your business. We provide platform customization, CMS integration and other ready-to-use solutions.

We use WordPress, Joomla, Magento and other Content Management Systems that enable you to manage your content in excellent ways. Our Epxerts provide you with a CMS that allows you to convert your data of static page to dynamic page, update content on your website.

Our Expert developers have enough experience, not just in field of bussines, but also in enterprise, e-services and govermental fields to develop portals and effective content management solutions that can harness our expertise of outstanding open source CMS.

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    Benefits and feature​

    Benefits and feature

    Full control of your website​

    No wait for updates to be done.

    Have instant access and make live changes​

    No monthly maintenance fee to your web developers​

    Ideal for Aggressive Content Marketing

    Take control of your own website without having to pay a premium rate ​

    * Please note that the required images must be selected by yourself. You can e.g. Purchase from shutterstock, istockphoto, pixabay, freephotos, Fotolia. You are responsible for the necessary licensing and costs.



    We build ,100% mobile friendly – responsive websites.

    Normally a website development can take 6-10 Weeks. But it all depends on the type of the application ( Ex: eCommerce, basic 5 page website , CMS) they all have different timelines.

    We begin and end with collaboration. Bring us your ideas, your challenges, your goals. We will work with you to find the best way to tell your story and develop your brand. After collaborating with you to determine a direction, our team gets to work doing what we do best – creating great design. we have a step by step process we go through for each clients.

    1- Psd Muck Up: We create a Photoshop muck up of your home page and discuss it with you to change after your wish.

    2 – Implementation: Once the design is confirmed we will start implementing it on our development server.

    3- Testing: We will test your new website on our development server and send it to you for review.

    4- Project Finalization: We push your new website live

    Our work with our customers doesn’t end when the development is completed. We want to make sure you are satisfied, even beyond the development. By offering technical support, we continue to be by your side, whenever you need us. Vision-Tek stands by every product we carry and develop. Duration of free support is depends on the size and complexity of the product. For small until middle projects, we offer one free month support of course after test period. Please note free tech support excludes new features and options as well as new systems.

    We charge our clients hourly. Our hourly charge for web development and design is 15-25 $ depending on website features and coding language used. ( php, Laravel, XML, CMS development and etc.) We will estimate how much time design and development process would take and give you an estimate accordingly.